Situated in the most prestigious area of Montalcino, the vineyards of the Poggio il Castellare rise luxuriously in the presence of the masterly abbey of Sant'Antimo.

This area called Colline dei Vigneti at the foot of Monte Castellare is one of the most prestigious areas for the producion of Brunello due to the characteristics of the soil and the micro-climate.

The soil created in different geological eras, with debris from floods that transported it here. It contains a good variety of minerals such as limestone mixed with skeletons created from schists of marl and trees as well there is the presence of clay.

Monte Castellare dominates the 8 hectares vineyards, with its cordon spur cultivation, the typically Mediterranean climate plays a fundamental role, with the rains concentrated in the spring months and an almost total absence of fog.

The presence of wind guarantees the best conditions for the healthy state of the plants while in the growing stage of the vines, the days are more or less fine assuring the gradual and complete ripening of the bunches.