Art and Wine have always been represented as ideal concubines of two adjacent worlds which reciprocally exalt the well being of the senses which they both know how to give. In the land of the Casuccio Tarletti Estate all this is a daily reality, thanks to the intuitive by the estate to host one of the works of the Chianti Sculpture Park, a circuit of contemporary art works created by the passion and by the competence of the gallery owners Piero and Rosealba Giadrossi, who, in a non-contaminated oak and holm-oak wood have found a place for the works of various international artists, invited to study nature and then create their own works integrated into the surrounding environment.
The vegetation, the light, the atmospheric peculiarities of the day and the seasons always give new aspects to the sculptures, which are typical of environmental art.
From its inauguration in 2004 the Park offers to the public more than 13 hectares, where today they can admire today more than twenty six installations and contemporary sculptures along a 1km circuit, going through diverse visions and styles thanks to the presence of the artists from more than twenty countries and from five continents, in a dialogue between the seductive nature of Chianti and the materials, little by little, used by the artists: from bronze to iron, from marble to granite, and finally glass, neon, or thermo-welded metal, as in the case of the work hosted in our estate, of the Metropolitan Ostriches by the Chinese Yu Zhaoyang.
Two elegant figures anchored to the land, at a height of almost six metres, appearing inside the base of the cypresses that hug the vineyard, like an in ‘another’ dimension, where nature is rediscovered and where shelter can be found from the metropolitan confusion.

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