Situated south-east of Montepulciano, the vineyards of the Faggeto Estate extend over the undulating hills that slope down towards the Val di Chiana with it three mirrors of water that sparkle on the horizon: Lake Montepulciano, Lake Chiusi and the large Lake Trasimeno.

In this clayey, muddy land with shallow layers of tufa, characterized by stratifications of yellow stone (or Stone of the Devil according to legend), the vineyards of the property rise and extend for around 10 hectares, 7 of which are registered for the production of Vino Nobile.
The cordon spur method of cultivation is used with seasonal work of the land to help improve the quality of the final product.
Finally the temperate mild microclimate, characterized by a winter that tends to be rigid, a hot summer and with the rain concentrated in autumn and spring all playing a part in the final role for the excellent maturation of the bunches.

le vigne di  Faggetofaggeto con vignavigna tra la nebbiavigna di Faggeto, Montepulcianola vendemmia a Faggeto, Montepulcianola vendemmia a Faggeto, Montepulciano