Situated between Magliano in Tuscany and the Talamone Sea, under the shade of two big century old oaks immersed among the rows of the vineyard of the Querciarossa farm complex, on a hill in a brilliant light from which can be seen the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Near to the vineyard are the remains of a necropolis dug by the Etruscans into the chalky Maremma rock, where they have left many of their characteristic vermillion red coloured paintings.
But as testimony to this fascinating discovery there is, on this hill, the remains of an ancient vineyard dating back to the Etruscan period, which has always been a place elected for the cultivation of vines.
Low and long vines giving all the aromas of the Maremma Land enclosed in the precious grape saddles.
The constant working of the land has insured an excellent spraying of the plants and an excellent maturing.